Sunday, 26 January 2014

A moment....

Hello all!!
                    Do you realize the value of a moment? Well, you might be feeling why there are so many sermons on this blog. Let me tell you that this is just my perspective of life. Now continuing with the topic, allow me to replace  the word 'value' with 'power' in the first sentence. A moment plays a powerful role in the arena of time. It can change lives forever and can leave either bitter or sweet memories behind.

                  It is a well known fact that it takes years to build trust and just a moment to shatter it. A moment's wrong decision can turn your whole life turns into a nightmare. You will realize this at different junctures of life. A moment can leave a positive impact on your entire life too. It can be the moment you helped a stranger. That feeling the moment gave you will linger with you for long.
                The mind is a very strange thing. It has the capability of building castles in a moment and then the very next moment those castles can be shattered. Have you ever felt that. It is here where the uncertainty of life begins to overpower us. When a moment can change everything, maybe for ever, you never know whether it is for your good or for your bad.
                Let me tell you something on a lighter note, something I have experienced in my school and college life. I remember all those moments when I have done something naughty, out-of-the-ordinary. I remember enjoying ice-cream in college during a class when the HOD was around. I was scared but couldn't resist the ice-cream. So it was all happening under the table and I was not alone there was a troop of other girls too! More than college it is the school life that leaves memories behind. During school it was fun to peep out the window during math class, play indoor games when the teacher was absent, holidays due to heavy rain, tests getting post poned. There were so many moments and I shall always cherish them in my heart.
                Keep remembering the special moments of your life and keep living!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Better late than never

             There has been a really long silence on this blog.... but not anymore. I am back to unravel the mysteries of life!! Just like today's topic it is better to revive the blog after a long hiatus rather than procrastinating it till eternity!

               Every individual comes across a situation in life when it is too late to act upon it. You would feel it is perfect to sit back and let things be. It can be as simple as saying sorry to your loved one. Usually it is the ego that creeps in and spoils the party.  Ego always reminds me of the film 'Abhimaan'. My favourite onscreen and off screen couple Amitabh and Jaya did a great job in narrating the tale of human ego. How devastating the result of jealousy can be is well depicted in the film.  Isn't this the same ego that affects the life of the common man day in and day out? So, this ego may be reason why most people don't apologize or don't take the first step. Jealousy, ego and other malevolent feelings should be nipped in the bud.
                 I had happened to read a story where school kids were asked to cut onions and put them in socks and carry them around in their bag every day. As the days rolled by it became difficult for the kids to carry them as they were getting too smelly to handle. They all complained to their teacher that it was an unwanted burden. To that the teacher replied 'You all may be carrying malevolent  feelings in your hearts that are as smelly as the rotten onions.' She asked all the children to remove the sour feelings from their hearts and throw them away along with the rotten onions and live a life that is free of negativity.   
               I know that it is difficult to implement as all of us are just flesh and blood. Give it a try as there is no harm in trying once. Let me tell you that you might regret later in life and I read somewhere that the weight of regret weighs tons.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little wounds

                 Yesterday I hurt my left feet with my right toe-nail.  I know it is rather silly but a train of thoughts ran in my mind when I saw the cut today morning.  It was so unlike yesterday night!  Today a scab developed over it.  Now you would say WOW! what a discovery, but honestly speaking it made me feel that every wound heals when given time.  Each day in some way or the other we are hurt emotionally  by others.  We are generally frustrated about it.  But it is essential to understand the fact that  time will heal the wound.  The theory is the same as that of physical wounds but I admit that some wounds leave a scar behind.  This is true in the case of both physical and mental wounds.  I still have the scars of my wounds on my knees when I kept falling during my childhood...sob...sob..but on a serious note we all need to have a positive outlook towards life and let the wounds heal.

Let's celebrate life!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Are movies close to everyday life??

                              Good question to ponder upon.  Whatever is depicted in films is too far from reality.  There is a yawning gap between our lives and stories shown on the big screen.  Very rare have I found reality in movies.  The way people emote on the screen is no where near the real world.  Emotions such as love, fear, anger, happiness, sadness, depression appear to be very made up.
                               Just imagine yourself singing aloud for your loved one on the streets.  People will declare that you are mad!!! Dressing up like the heroines in some cases is a strict no no.  And then there are those dream sequences ( like any other girl I love them) , with a beautiful location and an enviable wardrobe. Fight scenes are over the top and unnatural. Imagine a guy taking drips suddenly gets up from his hospital bed , runs and fights like a lion!!!  Nowadays fights have become even more dramatic ( Singham!!).
                               But if movies are like are mundane and boring lives then where is the fun ?? The movie needs to be a typical masala type to be a block-buster.  Let me admit, it is all eye-candy!  The fights, romance or emotions though fake do entertain the show must go on.....

Friday, 17 August 2012

Homo sapiens

                                       Yes, you got it right!  This post is about us humans.  Well, we are called Homo sapiens scientifically, have you ever wondered what we really are?  Do you remember the last time when you performed an act of kindness or showed courtesy to a stranger?  I'm sure most of you will not be able to recollect anything in the near past. The same is with me.  It takes time for me to remember when I showed kindness towards others. We have turned cold and rigid towards others.  It is just I-me-my -family kind of attitude.  This is highly deplorable.  I feel infants are far better than us adults, at least they smile at strangers with warmth.  Can a grown up think of doing this?? If she/he does he will be labelled as insane.  We have built an outer shell that stops us from showcasing humanity.
                                         Now what comes to my mind is 'why do we exist?'. A simple question but where is the answer to this?  Do we exist to exploit the planet's resources and leave nothing for other living beings?  Maybe yes, because that is what we are doing.  Nature's resources are being selfishly hogged just for our whims and fancies.  Are we being reasonable?  I know all of us are victims of the urge of living a luxurious life.  But does this mean that we turn a deaf ear against the cries of our mother earth.  We call ourselves humans but have forgotten what humanity really means.  In order to make our lives simpler we tend to hurt other life forms on planet Earth.  How long can we afford to be selfish egoists?  Let us prove that we are superior beings by doing our bit.  Turn eco-friendly and human friendly.  The environment ,our fellow humans and the myriad forms of life on this planet badly need our support.  So, live and let live.


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Have we won our freedom??

So, we just celebrated our 65th Independence day.  Great!  The stories of all the valiant freedom fighters seem to be present only as textual matter in history text books.  Back in school most of us read them, memorised them and wrote them in our exams.  Did we ever cherish them?? Just for the sake of getting good grades we learned things about freedom fighters. It is just a case of 'learn and forget' even today.

India is the world's largest democracy with a carefully documented constitution and justice for all. Let me ask a question- are we a free nation??  The British ruled us for centuries.  India wanted 'Swaraj'.  But has this 'Swaraj' brought freedom?? Are we free to walk down the streets at midnight? Are the women bold enough to do that?  My answer is NO.  Yes, I agree the British have plundered and looted the nation but what are our brethren doing? Black money, scam,scandals are the headlines in every day's newspaper.  The father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi taught us certain basic principles of life....non-violence, truthfulness.  His philosophy towards life was very different.  My favourite one is 'Simple living and high thinking'.  It is very difficult to implement , I admit that.  Being selfless is difficult but not impossible.  I guess today's India, India 2012 should realize that though we are a free nation today, corruption is eroding the soil of freedom.  We are still slaves of social evils and the sad part is that the villains are our own country men.  Let us give it a thought.....

Jai Hind!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Journey of a currency note

                                So, having a lot of cash in your purse??  Take out a single currency note and just think who all owned it before it landed into your wallet. Isn't it a strange thing?  Especially in India it becomes a lot more easy to trace a INR note.  You can find people immortalize their loved one's by writing their names on it.  Just yesterday I saw a Rs.5 note with a 'GUNA SISTER' written on it in capital letters.  Writing numbers was a norm but now even names appear.  Xyz loves Zyx , I know quite silly but true.  Just like how at historical places you find hearts engraved with lovers' names.  Not only does it spoil these precious monuments, it is a very cheap way of publicizing one's love.
                    Coming back to currency notes and their ever changing holders, you give a 500 rupees note to a shop-keeper for buying a Rs.50 product, you get Rs.450 back...ok this is no math class... you may get it as 4 hundred rupees notes and 5 ten rupees notes.  You have found your treasure! Now think how did the shop-keeper get those Rs.10 notes.  Probability says that four kids would have bought a pack of  Lays chips.  Now how did that kid get Rs.10?? Pocket money perhaps, if he's a good guy or stolen form dad's wallet if he's a bad guy.  Nevertheless, it is the Dad who sponsors, voluntarily or involuntarily.  And we all know from where Daddy dear got it....salary.. ie; hard earned money or ....bribe for which our country is world famous today. Now if Daddy dear's employers paid him, well that is good.  But if daddy dear accepts bribe from people to get work done then this can be called as black money.  So, beware you may be in possession of some unaccounted money.  Just offense intended.
                 It is high time we realized that black money is eating away the roots of our economy and shaking the foundation of our democracy.  Let us do our bit by curing the disease called corruption whose roots are widespread in our society.

I know you must be wondering why I always end up with sermons....