How to Start Saving Money- I Began at 5

How to Start Saving Money  - I Began at 5 

Papa: Hello beta, look what I have got for you?
  Me: What is this, Papa?
Papa: It is a piggy bank and I will give a rupee to drop into it everyday.
   Me: What will that do, Papa?
Papa : When you grow up you will have a lot of money!

The above was the conversation between my father and I when I was 5 years old. He had returned from work and brought a piggy bank for me to inculcate the good habit of saving money in me.

It was at that time when I started to understand what saving money is all about. I would ask him for a rupee everyday and put into the piggy bank. Later on too, whenever I got money, it would all go into it.

You know, the trick is to catch them young and that is exactly what my Papa did!

By the way, I broke my piggy bank when I entered college (with a heavy heart of course!). There were a lot of coins that were used in buying my bus tickets for my daily commute. :)

Okay, so from piggy bank to mutual funds, my life has come a lo…

Let us become Environmental Crusaders

Let us do something for the planet!
It is high time to save the planet. No, I am not saying this only because of Greta Thunberg. I grew up watching a cartoon series called Captain planet and the Planeteers where being eco-friendly and leading a sustainable lifestyle was always stressed upon. As a kid the betterment of Mother Earth was of importance to me and it still is. 
One question bothers me a lot. How come we humans are behaving as if we are the sole beings who have the right over the entire Earth? Aren't the trees and other living beings having an equal right over it? Can we do whatever we want? We call ourselves civilized, right? Please note that we have destroyed everything! India is being plagued with floods every now and then with major harm done to humans and their property. It is indeed saddening to see fellow humans suffer so much during floods but you think this is a natural calamity? In my opinion it is man-made. Who asked us to axe trees at such an accelerated…

What Makes Dogs Better than Humans?

What Makes Dogs Better than Humans? - My Take 
Do you know what surprises me the most? It is the relation between an animal and a human. How come an egoistic human who lives as though he rules the planet be friendly towards an animal? Whatever it may be, the most adorable friendship is that of a human and a dog. A man or woman can never get a friend who is as dedicated, devoted and faithful as a dog.
They will never judge you. If they like you, they show it whole-heartedly. A pet dog always shows compassion towards his human no matter what he or she is like. It hardly matters to them even if you earn less, don’t have a big house or a fancy car. Your appearance also does not bother them. It is the soul that they read and when all is well deep within, you will always be showered with kisses from your dog.

I have never adopted a dog officially as I feel you need to raise the pet like a child. However, there was a time in my childhood when I had befriended a stray female dog. She was a qui…

Are Dance Reality Shows Exploiting Kids?

Are Dance Reality Shows Exploiting Kids?
Superrrr se bhi Upparrrr – Can you connect to this remark? It is common in one of the leading dance reality shows on National Television! I am not naming anyone here but you know which show I am talking about! Not just this show but every dancing reality show I have come across is exploiting kids.
Have you seen these shows? I happened to see one episode and the amount of effort the children put into their performance is mammoth-like and what really irked me the most at one point was when a judge said that there are more expectations from the contestants! The competition level is simply going higher and higher with every new season of the show. Children are doing death-defying gymnastics and not DANCE! A little mistake can lead to an injury; this is what I feel as a spectator. Anything can go wrong at any point of time. It is highly deplorable to see such innocent children being used for showbiz. The judges are filling their pockets, the channel …

Life of a Freelance Content Writer - My Take on it!

Life of a Freelance Content Writer!
“So what do you do?” “Well, I am a content writer.” “Which company do you work for?” “I am a freelancer and I work from home”.
Hi Folks!
The above is a standard template used when people ask me about my profession! Some people are glad or may I say rather jealous to know that I work from home because commuting is a huge problem in Bangalore. Then there are some who feel that it is good that I turned my passion into a full-time profession. So, in this post I am trying to show you a few facets of being a freelance content writer in India! C’mon, I have been in this profession since 2014 and I guess I can do justice to this topic! Hang on in there because it is not a serious issue but a quirky side of the life of almost every freelancer into content writing.

Initially I was pretty na├»ve and did not know much about the tricks of the trade but as they say – time teaches you everything! I have definitely grown over the years as the number of clients grew.
How do…

Different Types of Cab Drivers I Have Met

Different Types of Cab Drivers
The title should have been – ‘Different types of cab drivers I have dealt with’ because this write up is completely based on what I have seen and felt while using the two popular cab services in India – Ola and Uber. I travel mostly by Ola so obviously I have a lot of stories of that particular cab service.

The Heartbroken Music Lover
Now, when you have to travel for more than one hour that too in Bangalore’s traffic and all you get to hear are songs that elucidate the pain of a heart break, it can be highly irritating. ‘Jeeta tha jiske liye, jiske liya marta tha, ik aisi ladki thi jise main pyaar karta tha’. (yes, I remember the song! Thank God it was not on repeat) All the glum songs crooned by Kumar Sanu! Not that I hate 90s songs but common yaar, it can make you gloomy after a point! Just imagine how my 1 hour trip would have been!!!!! An appeal to all music loving cab drivers: please stop playing such songs even if you have had a heart break because y…

The Best Way to Treat Acne

The Best Way to Treat Acne
Acne is more of a teenage problem. However, in my case it has plagued me in adulthood too! It got too difficult to handle in 2017. My entire face was full of plump red pimples that looked way too horrendous! So, I decided to get them treated but I did not opt for an allopathic treatment because I felt it would have side effects. Plus, many of my friends had to swallow antibiotics for months only to find the acne problem resurface again! So, what kind of a treatment did I actually go in for? Keep reading to find out!
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Okay, no more suspense! I actually went for homoeopathy. Right from childhood it has been a saviour for me. In class 12 when the allopath told me that the only option for treating my tonsilitis is an operation, homoeopathy came to my rescue and cured me completely. It saved me from surgery guys! What else do you need? This incident further strengthened my belief in homoeopathic medicines. So, coming back to my acne story,…